Helen Lawson Alderson, DDS
Biologic and Integrative Dentistry 


Conservative, and Biologic General Dentistry, Dental Wellness and the Treatment of Dental Fear

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Integrative and Biologic Dentistry
Mercury Safe * Mercury Free

Hi! I'm Helen Alderson. I have practiced since 1990 in San Francisco. I practice dentistry that takes your entire body health into account. I have studied the whole body and the impacts of dentistry and dental materials on your system, so that I may better help you with the whole oro-facial complex. Preservation of your oral health as well as your overall health are crucial to the whole process and complete wellness.

I like to practice caring, high-quality,conservative dentistry in the most careful, sensitive-to-your-needs style. I like to maintain a very approachable demeanor so that you can feel comfortable asking questions and having your dental needs met.

There a many competent "dental mechanics" in the Bay Area. For me, it's a question of how you like to be treated during your dental care.


When I look at produced websites, most of them look very similar.  I hope that with my site, you can get a sense if I'm the type of dentist you are looking for.  I try to give a straight forward, honest evaluation of your tooth needs, your occlusal (bite) needs, as well as jaw, joint and dental materials compatibility.  At your initial exam, we measure and determine not only your periodontal and dental health,  but also look at the pH of your saliva, check your blood pressure, and do a microscopic exam of the bacteria around your teeth.  For more complex cases, I may request and initial consult so that I may use all the time to address your dental history and concerns as well as do other various evaluations.

For simple inquiries, feel free to email me at Helen@helenalderson.com.  If a simple answer is not appropriate for your question, I'll let you know