Helen Lawson Alderson, DDS


General & Aesthetic Dentistry, Treatment of Dental Fear

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"Conservation of Tooth Structure" This is my main mantra. Through the analysis of general structural integrity of the tooth in combination with laser diagnosis of decay, I can help to predict and prevent future catastrophic and biologic failure of the tooth that would require it to need a crown, root canal, or implant.
In addition, I do a microscopic examination of the bacteria in your gums to see if you are at risk for gum disease as well as to assess if our therapies are effective. This helps you maintain a healthy mouth.
Research is showing more and more the link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body.  Keeping a healthy mouth will help you maintain total body wellness.


The youngest and most troublesome, Jonas

"Communication" This is a key factor in your oral health. I believe that you must understand and be involved in the health of your teeth and mouth. I make every attempt to discuss not only your dental considerations, but also the concerns with finances and/or insurance. I feel that lack of explanation and the challenges of the financial aspects contribute to a bulk of the dental fears that I encounter.

"I don't proceed unless you are comfortable" Many of my clients come to me with a history of never being numb enough and having work done while feeling the pain. Simple anatomy and biology can account for most of this. Since a high percentage of my clients have this complaint, I've developed several techniques that can alleviate that problem.
A majority of dentists use the same anesthetic with every patient. When one fails to get numb, they are oftentimes ridiculed or invalidated in that experience. I seldom use the "standard" anesthetic for that reason. I work carefully and slowly until I have verified that you are numb before continuing.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat." Pardon the use of the old adage, but it gets my point across. There's often more than one way to accomplish a procedure. I'll often get people in who say, "I hate when...(fill in the blank)" Well, oftentimes I can alter the process to accomodate this need, without compromising the quality of the outcome.