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General & Aesthetic Dentistry, Treatment of Dental Fear

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In addition to providing a wide variety of the standard dental services, like cleanings, fillings, replacement crowns, bridges, implant restoration, veneers, treatment for parafunctional habits, bleaching, I strive to BIOMIMETICALLY recreate teeth using state-of-the-art techniques, that seek to mimic nature as closely as possible. In doing that, your tooth is well protected for decades to your lifetime. If there is a failure, it is in a repairable fashion (not involving root canals or crowns). Please see the following website for more details or a referral in your area:
Biomimetic dentistry

I practice safe removal of black mercury containing fillings ( according to IAOMT recommendations). This means we use high volume evacuation with the IAOMT's Clean Up device, in order to grab the mercury vapor as it is generated. We also use mercury vapor scavengers and HEPA filtration along with oxygen for the patient to breathe during the procedure. I also use only use biologically safe resin and porcelain fillings and onlay restorations. It is shown that mercury vapor binds strongly to sulphur groups in your body. This keeps mercury floating around in your system for decades, making detoxification necessary. My other main concern about the old amalgam restorations is that they have a tendency to spread internally over time, causing teeth to split and crack, thus causing the need for more extensive treatment. The composite resins can now be used to seal out decay and create a strong foundation for restoring the tooth. By addressing structural compromise before it becomes symptomatic, we can prevent the need for root canals in a high percentage of teeth. ( who wouldn't want that!!).

Treatment of Jaw pain, tooth pain, and migraine headaches.
There are a number of treatment modalities available. One of the main appliance therapies I use is the
NTI-TSS. This is a fabulous appliance. It's small and extremely effective. For details, please refer to the NTI-TSS website at www.headacheprevention.com Finally! An appliance that's not too expensive, and doesn't make you feel like you have a softball in your mouth. 
For more complex jaw issues, diagnostic models are made and evaluated to determine if alternative jaw therapy is right for you 

When crowns, bridges and veneers are done as replacements, I use only the highest quality materials, whether it is high noble metals (yellow and white gold), or cosmetic and aesthetic porcelains and lab processed resins. I believe that good communication with the dental lab is essential. I have worked with Newtech Dental Laboratory since 1996. The owner/artist, Eli, is fabulous and easy to communicate with, thus helping create the tooth/teeth you envision.

Treatment of Dental Fear. What's that? Well, there are many people out there that have some overwhelming concerns, fears, and phobias of the dentist. Some are afraid of shots, some of the drill, some are just generally afraid. There are dentists out there that will have a patient "put out" for dental treatment. This does not address the fear. It just gets the job done. Sometimes this is appropriate in an emergency situation. My philosophy is to give you skills to work with me to accomplish treatment. Sometimes this will involve use of some mild sedatives and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). I also utilize communication compounded with progressive desensitization in order to tone down the fear response. I feel that it is important to be able to have dental work done routinely. Being "put out" usually means long gaps in treatment since that style of dentistry is quite expensive. This way, dental issues can be caught early and treated before they become complicated.
I understand that it may still be necessary for someone to be put under a general anesthetic.  If that is the case, I have a board certified anesthesiologist come in and administer a general anesthetic. Dr.Michael Lam, MD is fantastic at this and keeps patients safe at all times.  You can check out his info at  http://www.drmichaellam.com

There is solid research that the mouth and GI tract have a major impact on the overall health of the body. If the mouth is in turmoil, then chances are, there are other issues elsewhere within the body. With proper guidance and nutritional counseling and microscopic evaluation of the bacteria hiding in your gums, we can clean up the mouth and perhaps get you on the right track, nutritionally, for better overall health. We try to use and recommend natural products that are healthier for you.

Additionally, I use Velscope for early cancer detection. It is unfortunate that the oral cancer survival rate has never improved over the years. Typical visual exam misses a high percentage of oral cancers. While most oral cancers occur in people with high risk factors (smoking), there is a growing number of viral caused and unknown cause for oral cancers. We also offer DNA analysis for Human Papilloma Virus using the OralDNA company to help determine your risk factor.