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General & Aesthetic Dentistry, Treatment of Dental Fear

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My office location as of September 2005 is at 556 Battery. That's on Battery between Washington and Jackson. By the way, Battery is a one way only street, heading south. Street parking is available, but it is downtown San Francisco, so there are crunch times. There is a parking garage nearby on Washington with the entrance on Clay. The Embarcadero 1 parking garage is about a block and a half away, as well.

While I am currently a Delta dentist, I am no longer taking on new Delta Dental clients, however, I accept all insurances that allow you to see any dentist. When there is a question about your coverage, we will check with your insurance first to avoid misunderstandings. Please call or email David(adsfcity@gmail.com), my scheduler with your insurance information well ahead of your scheduled appointment

This office is brand new with state of the art equipment.
I utilize digital x-rays, which use far less radiation than conventional xrays. These provide a 2-dimensional look at your teeth, but all 3 dimensions need to be taken into account.  If you have an old set of radiographs, have them sent.  This helps me determine changes, trends, even if they are no longer considered "diagnostic."  I also use a microscope when looking at the bacteria from under the gums. If you're interested, please feel free to ask to take a look!


My daughter, Carolyn 

I am located at 556 Battery St. , San Francisco, CA 94111.

 David is available to help you with your scheduling and insurance questions and is my main scheduler, so ask for him when you have a scheduling issue or other concern. Otherwise, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help. We generally get booked up very early, but always get cancelations and reschedulings in the 36 hours before an appointment day. Fridays are always our most heavily rescheduled day, so appoinments can appear quite suddenly.