Helen Lawson Alderson, DDS
Biologic Dentistry 


General & Aesthetic Dentistry, Treatment of Dental Fear

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You may have questions and concerns that arise before or after your dental appointment. Many of these can be a source of anxiety, but oftentimes you're just curious. I encourage you to email me these questions, comments, or what have you. Certainly, if you have more immediate concerns, please call the office at

My assistants, Cynthia and Winda, help put you at ease every step of the way. My hygienists, Cheryl, Gisselle, and Sarah will get your teeth and gums nice and spiffy. You may have a preference for one hygienist helping with your care...just ask! 
This is Lily! 

Of course, I'm most easily reached via email at helen@helenalderson.com I enjoy staying connected to you and look forward to helping you out with all of your dental needs! Please note: in cases that will require research or extensive answering, a nominal $20 charge may apply. Thank you for your understanding


If you have other questions not addressed in this site, don't hesitate to contact me. I periodically try to update information on my site to keep everything current. Occasionally I'll have misspellings or information that's not clear, so let me know! Also, if you need more information on a technique or product you may have heard about, feel free to fire me an email.

So, as some final thoughts...my current clients know how I yammer on about my kids and how the little ones are learning sign language. I just like to let all of those parents out there know about a great DVD called Signing Time. Before Lily was 2, she knew the alphabet and was begining to spell simple words, like "pen." I could go on and on, but check them out at www.signingtime.com It's fun and fabulous for all ages!!